Anyone getting any response from WD support?

Since upgrading to current firmware, my MBL is dropping its network shares & dashboard after a few hours of rebooting, leaving only Twonky running. This makes it pretty useless as a NAS. I’ve supplied diagnostic info on this forum & raised a case with support, but apart from an email stating that they normally try to respond within a business day, I’ve had no help from WD on hhis issue.

Anyone else is a similar situation?

Have you tried resetting the unit?

There could be an issue with the configuration or incomplete firmware setup.

If I’m not mistaken, that will delete my data.

I’m not sure I want to loose all the time & effort it took to copy it there (& backup history etc) on the vague hope that it will fix this issue. I’d prefer to know what the issue was first, to confirm that this drastic action is required.

I’m happy to work with support to collate any diagnostics required. Scanning this forum, it seems to me that I’m not the only user that has seen similar issues. I’d have thought you’d have a good idea what’s happening by now, or would be wanting to gather more information from users experiencing these problems.

Resetting does not delete any data.

Just press and hold for 3 seconds and all settings will go back to default but data will remain intact.

Sorry, I’m mixing up the reset with the factory settings dashboard option.

I looked at the reset button script; all it does is reset some passwords & dhcp options. How would this help?

Yes, I’ve changed my owner & root passwords (as you should), but I’ve not forgotten them & they are both working. I’ve not changed dhcp settings on the unit (I’ve reserved an IP in the DHCP server instead).

I completed the reset as suggested & as expected, it made no difference.

Yes had the same issues as you ended up with very helpful telephone support replaced my drive as it was under warrenty

Just an update:
After raising this topic, I finally did get a response, and have sent in diagnostic information as requested, but have had no response since then. Not hopeful, so far this MBL has been an expensive waste of my time & money.