Anyone experience any of these issues?


I have 3 WDTV SMP players in my house. One in the Family Room, one in my bedroom and one in the Media Room. They are all up to the latest Firmware but I’m experiencing problems. First they all use the Media Library and that is driven off a Synology Disk Station set up as follows:



     TV Shows


     Movies (Symbolic Link to Videos/Movies)     

     TV Shows (Symbolic Link to Videos/TV Shows)


     Movies (Symbolic Link to Videos/Movies)

     TV Shows (Symbolic Link to Videos/TV Shows)    

The WDTV in the Family Room (WDTV1) is set up to point to Videos as it’s Media Library. The WDTV in the Master Bedroom (WDTV2) is set up to point to MBVideos as it’s Media Library. The WDTV in the Media Room is set up to point to MRVidoes as it’s Media Library. I did this set up after reading that pointing to the same directory and same database between two WDTVs is not recommended (Sharing of the database). I never turn any of them off unless leaving for long periods of time or if they freeze (See below). We delete from any of the WDTV players as well.

So here are the problems I experience

  1. Freezing     

     WDTV1 freezes constantly. Sometimes multiple times per day and it requires that I shut off the player and restart it. It’s 50/50 that I have to erase the media library. Lately it’s requiring it more and more. Used to it would just compile it when it started up and I could go in and start watching again. WDTV2 and WDTV3 do this very sporadically and it’s few and far between. I’m going to play around with switching the players around and see if that changes anything or not but it doesn’t seem they should freeze this often. WDTV1 is a replacement of another player that wouldn’t take a firmware upgrade.

2. Losing Audio     

     WDTV1 will sometimes just not have audio. It is set to go through HDMI and a turn off and on of the system works to restore the audio. This only seems to happen on WDTV one but it’s the only one going through a Receiver. All others are HDMI into the TV.

3. Lost Content

     WDTV1, WDTV2, and WDTV3 all experience this. I turn on the TV and it’s usually in the Videos area and it just has the dialog up saying the media source has been deleted. I then have to go into set up and rebuild the Media Library TWICE. The first time it blinks for a bit but not as long as usual and it will give me my content but it’s been duplicated multiple times over. So a TV show will show up 3-4 times. The second rebuild fixes this.

4. Deleting from one WDTV is not updated on others

     If I delete a TV show from one WDTV and all are set up to check for changes 1 time per hour, the other WDTVs never update and remove that show. If I delete the last show in the directory, on the WDTV I deleted the file, the directory folder will go away from the view, however on the other WDTVs the folder is still there but when you try to enter, it says nothing is in there. I have to Rebuild the Library to get the folder to disappear. If I delete just a single episode but there are others, then the graphic no longer displays on other WDTVs and you can’t play the file but until you rebuild, it stays there like the file still exists.

So I’m wondering if the freezing on WDTV1 is just a problem with the player and I should get it replaced along with the losing of the audio. But the lost content is a pain as it takes a while to rebuild my Media Library. is there a better way to set this up? Is there a way to have one WDTV be the master of the DB and only have one database out there? I love the player but my wife is starting to dislike it as she is having to rebuild the library too many times (can’t blame her).

Thanks for any info anyone has that can point me to solution to any of these.



Try contacting wd mate to what are their recommendations for this case