Anyone can access public folder without authorisation from anywhere

It appears that there is no security on the Public folder and can be accessed by anyone knowing your IP address (internal or external)

This is more vunarable if you use a external  static IP

once you have found out what the external IP is ie

you can then map a network drive ie drive P: \\Public

So any one has full access to you files ie delete, rename, steal photo etc


Currently the only solution I have is to turn off Pubic Access on Public Folder


you may need to rename first  the following folder Shared Pictures, Shared Music & Shared Videos to

Shared Pictures1, Shared Music1 & Shared Videos1 (THIS IS DUE TO A POSSIBLE ACCESS DENIED ISSUES)

Now recreate the folders with original names and move the contents of the renames folder over.

This can be done by renaming the Public Folder to Public1 (you will now recieve an error message) may beed to hit refresh

The Public Access slider is now available to turn off

renaming the Public1 back to Public (you will now recieve an error message) may beed to hit refresh

Now set user access to the Public Folder

Public folder should now be secure as users will no need username and password to use

Warlock777 wrote:

you can then map a network drive ie drive P: \\Public


No, you can’t… Mapping a network drive would only work if you have for some reason decided to forward SMB’s ports in your firewall.

The router might be in DMZ mode. :dizzy_face:

Hi Warlock777,

I am mainly making this post to bump it for others that may have the same issue you had and a similar issue that I experienced.

I notice that  if I created Folders using Windows Explorer on my My Cloud drive outside of the public folder it screwed things up:

  1. Some User Folders that were suppose to be protected where no longer protected  on my local network.

  2. Some of the secured shared folders for users then appeared under Public Shared folder.

Very Strange !

So I did a Quick Restore. Now I make  all new folders outside of WDC desktop App placing them under Public and all appears to be Okay with this method.

I hope this helps others if they run in to the same thing.

Could be a matter of moving all public folders under Public Share but, I did not try that before doing a Quick Restore (Hind site - Missed that big time.)