Anymore firmware update to be expected/working?

Wondering if the MBL firmware is beging worked on or that we can expect that no more updates will be forthcoming as it about 6 months since the last one.

Just wonder if I can “safely” update Twonky without it being overridden with a firmware update soon; that is if I can remember what files need to be eliminated or redirected.

hmmm… any reason why you do not want to disable auto update?

I am still running a 2yr version, as long as I do not have problems or there is not a new functionalily I want to, no plans on updating.

Personally, I wouldn’t depend on it. Rather control when and how to do it.

Actually, I do have auto update disabled.  Got updated to the latest firmware a couple of days ago only because I was careless & clicked on the wrong button & a msg says that the update is in progress (or so I thought).

Had a problem with Twonky in it not showing the setting/etc in Twonky/config.

Will download the latest Twonky that my license will work on & search the forum on what need to be done; even if the latest MBL firmware fixed the/my Twonky problem!

EDIT:  don’t want to use DLNA as it doesn’t play folders; i.e.  each music album has its own folder, but some albums are set by “freedb” with subfolders for each artist if the album is an anthology or compilation.  DLNA only plays files in one (1)/bottom level folder & is geared to just play files & doesn’t drill down to get/make a temp “playlist”.