Any way to recover Passport?

Yesterday I moved one of my folders to a different location on the Passport. Now it is no longer there. I did not delete it, so I have no idea where it went. The total size of my Passport shows 466gb. When I select all of the files on the Passport, it shows that the total size of all the files is 228gb. Theoretically, I should have 238gb free if this were the case. It shows that I actually have 192gb free, which means there is an extra 46gb on there that is taking up space which is approximately the size of the folder I moved.

Is there any way to restore my passport to an earlier time or anything like that? Or how can I find these files? Aside from the folders that I have on the drive, there are these folders as well:



System Volume Information


Can any of the files on these folders be used to restore or recover the lost files?