Any way to exclude album art from photos in Media Library?

Yesterday I bought a WD TV Live Streaming to replace my 2nd gen WDTV Live and began the long, long process to build my media library. The files that it’s scanning are stored on a WD MBL’s Public share in the following folders:

Shared Music\Artist\Album\Song

Shared Photos\Year\Month\Date-Subject\photo

Shared Videos\Genre\Title\file

I added each of those three top level network folders to the Media Library via the options menu when browsing to each. Right now the media scan has finished overnight with the music and has moved on to the photos. Unfortunately, the music album art is now cluttering up my Photos in the library. I’ve gone into the library manager in the option and don’t see any way to set a specific media type for each of the top level folders, i.e. set it to look for only music files in the Shared Music folder and sub-folders.

Am I missing something? Is there some other way to keep it from adding image files from the music share to the media library?

:confounded: Something i have been plagued with as well, even filtering etc hasnt worked, all i want is “photos” not all the artwork etc for whats on the drive.

I’m pretty sure its achievable but cant see any option to get the result.



I have my share folders setup similarly.  The only way I found to achieve close to what you are looking for is to view the media library by folders and then sort by date in the photo library.  So initially you would see your music, photos & videos folders once you first enter the photo section. Once you select your photos share though you will then just have your photos folders (\Year\Month\Date…)  There is no way that I know of to select just a specific share to be viewed, ie selecting photos just shows a photo share, or selecting videos just shows your video share.

Good Luck

@desertwedge, that’s pretty much what I settled on yesterday a while after posting my message. It works for what I want to do, in a sense, but it’s a bit disappointing that you can’t decide what folders serve which media types to the WDTV Live, much in the way that you can decide in the firmware for the WD MBL which media types each share serves through that device’s DLNA server.

Frankly its hard to believe that so may people seem to find this acceptable as it ruins any kind of photo browsing experience! Surely WD can sort this out…how difficult can it be to allow you to specify what folders contain what type of media!

I don’t know if this helps, or if you already know, but you can put a dot ( . ) in front of everything you want to “hide” from the player. So, if you are content in having the photos in MUSIC with a dot in front…

.image.jpg << will NEVER be processed and will not appear in any view whatsoever.

.FOLDER << same, will be forever ignored. 

This is just as annoying as having to SORT in VIDEO for TV Shows, instead of putting a SEPARATE tab for TV!

I agree - the folder handling is just plain stupid. Why don’t they allow you to define a base folder for photos, videos and music (or even have these as default names). Using any other filter than folder for photos produces a total mess that is impossible to navigate and using folders means you see video, music etc. Why?!