Any warnings or advice before upgrading to Mojave

My MyCloud 7TB does everything (as I’m sure it does for lots of us):

TimeMachine back-ups of multiple Macs, all with different operating systems from El Capitan to High Sierra. Archives all data and backs that up to connected usb drives (sore point at the moment that) and serves media to iTunes, Sonos and TVs. Hooray!

Should I be fearful to upgrade my 2017 iMac to Mojave?

Thanks in advance.

I just upgraded to Mojave. Actually, I upgraded from El Capitan to Sierra, then High Sierra and finally Mojave. All without touching MyCloud. All worked flawlessly. I even installed a new internal network card.

I am using MacPro 2009, hacked to firmware 5,1. Yesterday installed Mojave (needed a Metal capable graphics card which finally got).

Nothing to configure whatsoever. also had a crash (was playing with stuff and screwed up my SSD).
I did a full restore from MyCloud with no issues. I don’t use anything WD software. Except, a software called Forklift3 (£8.00) for synching certain folders. very Sweet. the rest I use the MAC.

Well, this should give you 50% confidence and the other 50% depends on your individual circumstances and setup.

I had the MyCloud 1st gen for 5 years now, untouched (still a virgin as I got it), running flawless.

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Thanks for the 50%. And nice shout on Forklift.