Any truth to this perception?

Is it my only my eyes or WDTV SMP player seems to output colors and Video more accurately compared to WDTV Live HUB?

Both were compared with the same TV and using HDMI at 1080i/50hz, But my eyes tend to make me believe that WDTV SMP’s output seems more clear and color accurate.

The results are more drastically more pronounced when viewed with static high Quality Pictures, It seems that WDTV Live HUB’s picture quality is scaled down a bit when compared with WDTV SMP.

Any thoughts?

Well, the Live S has a newer chipset than the Hub so it’s likely. I’ll be able to compare soon so I’ll expand on this as soon as I can :slight_smile:

Thanks  ThePizzaMatrix Hope your eyesight is better than mine :smiley:

Let us know your results!