Any solution to revive unrecognized WD passport ultra?

Hello there,

I think my WD Passport Ultra 1TB has died. Before making this post, I have researched all the possible ways to make an external drive recognizable. Tried all the suggested solutions.

However, all the suggested solutions such as using disk reallocation/repartition, uninstalling USB drivers, changing the USB cable, try it on a different computer, etc do not seem to work for my case. Some of them apply if the disk name is mentioned in the disk management or anywhere on the pc. However, there is no trace to be found anywhere on the pc for my drive.

The ‘good thing’ is my drive still lights and makes a humming sound when connected to a pc. Is this a good sign that the drive is alive or should I just give up?

I tried reconnecting it to different pcs, even to mac but no luck so far. The problem has occurred, I think, due to force ejecting it from the pc while a file was open on it.

Thank you.


Please refer to the following KBA article to perform a diagnostic test on the drive:

Thank you for your response.

However, I tried these opts and did not work. I mean these pieces of software do not help unless the disk is recognized. The problem is how to get there, select drive.