Any plans in the future for Hulu as a service?

According to HULU,  Hulu+ is coming to the Live+ and Live HUB “Coming Soon.”

WD, as always, is mute on anything coming in the future.    They’ll announce it the day the firmware goes live.

I wouldn’t count on Hulu being available on WD or any other player for that matter, since Hulu has done everything it can to keep the regular service off of anything but a PC.  As for Hulu+, I personally wouldn’t waste my money on it, unless you just can’t live without shows like “World Cusine of the Black Forest”,  “Dating in the Dark” or “Xena: Warrior Princess”.  Sure there are some good shows there to, but really, is it worth $8.00 a month.

If you want the regular Hulu service, I would look into gettin Playon or TVersity (Playon being my personal choice).  You get Hulu an more with those media servers.