Any plans for a Compact Flash version?

Professional cameras use Compact Flash for storage (some also have a secondary slot of another type) - are there any plans to release a version that can use CF cards? It would make sense as it’d be an ideal solution for backing up photos whilst on the go.

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You can post this as a suggestion on out ideas board, please check this link, here you will post the suggestion:

lol - the WD twitter account asked me to post it here, but I can post it there too!

Newbie here - please be gentle. :-/
I am thinking about purchasing an MPW for my wife for her to use on an overseas trip. I think this product will be just perfect for her, considering she will have only 1 camera, which happens to have an SD card.
I am also thinking of future uses for the MPW for myself, and I normally carry a video camera (SD card), and a still camera (Compact Flash) when I travel alone.
Can you please tell me if the following idea would work?
I was thinking that maybe I could buy a card reader, eg:
and a USB 3 adapter cable, eg:

and try to send the data to the MPW the opposite direction through the USB 3 slot.
Is this a ridiculous idea?
Please bear in mind that I have never actually seen an MPW, just the few pictures on the WD site.
Thanks in advance for any advice forwarded.

Best suggestion is to download the user guide from WD Support for the MPW model that interests you and see what the manual says about this and other things so you have a better idea of its capabilities.

Hi mike27oct,
Thanks for your reply.
I have had a good look at the manual, and unfortunately it is still not clear whether my idea would work.
It mentions that I could “load content” from a computer to the MPW, suggesting that information travel in that direction is not a problem, but my concern about my idea mentioned earlier is that I don’t have an interface to control the data moving to the MPW, as I would if I was loading content from a computer.
I wonder if the MPW would recognise the CF card in the same way it might for an SD card? Possibly automatically transfer?

Personally. I do not think it would work since a card reader and computer are quite different. Give WD Support a call and see if they can help you get an answer.

Thanks mike27oct

I am not quite sure how this work and maybe someone that is more tech savvy than me can fill in the blanks.

But as I understand it you would need the MPW to act as a USB Host. Now it is a USB Slave that can connect to other hosts (usually computers). Since the MPW for all intents and purposes works like a NAS/computer it would most likely be possible to make the MPW work as a USB host to let other USB devices connect to it.
But I guess that decision is also a business decision.

jedi58 and DarkHalf - according to the “List of compatible devices & applications for My Passport Wireless & My Passport Wireless Pro” (hat tip SBrown) the MPW Pro does exactly what you want.
But not the MPW.