Any photographers using My Cloud for workflow?


I want to migrate photos from my Mac and also my PC so that I can store everything externally in one place. I have RAW and jpg files. My plan is to store all photos on the My Cloud unit and move them off the computers entirely. Then I would be working with Lightroom on the PC exclusively (Mac is dying a slow death and I want to rescue the files). I haven’t decided whether to keep the LR catalog on the PC or the external unit.

My question is: if all the files are RAW and jpg, can I just copy them into one folder on the My Cloud storage unit regardless of what platform they came from, and then access them from the same LR catalog?

Also, would you recommend My Cloud or My Cloud Pro for this?

Thanks in advance!

Lightroom can access content stored in NAS. I recommend using the My Cloud Pro with the higher end CPU and memory and the RAID option.

Just so I am understanding correctly, I can migrate files from both the Mac and the PC onto My Cloud and then use LR to access them from there with no porting issues?