Any performane differences between the new and old WDTVLIVE?

I bought my WDTVLIVE Plus unit in Septemeber.  I just noticed they have a new WDTVLIVE out (not sure when this came out).  The most notable differences I see are WiFI and a better remote, plus nicer looking box.   I also see Spotifty is supported.  Is this not supported on the “old” WDTVLIVE Plus?   Is the menu and navigation different on the newer devices?   Is it faster?   

Faster, better interface, support USB hubs.

Also, streaming to any DLNA/UPnP compatible device.

The new interface is more like the Hub’s interface.

Are there any codecs improvements like aac surround and support for 10 bit encoding.

Is it worth getting the new unit ?  Is it that much faster and better UI?  I am trying to find videos showing or comparing the 2, no luck.

That is a hard question to answer because everyone’s situation is a different. I would say that if your old WD box has a problem that bothers you, or if it has problems playing certain kinds of files, it might be worth getting the new box if your problem has been fixed. For me, the Live Plus does what I bought it to do and I can live with (or work around) the problems that has, so I don’t think that I will be buying the new box.

I am curios, when you say that the new WDTV supports USB hub how does it support it? I mean can you connect multiple USB-drives to the WDTV through an USB-hub and having the movies on these drives appear on the same videowall or equivalent?:smiley:

    Yeah I would like to know if its worth getting also. Currently I have wd hd tv, wd tv live, and wd tv live plus. I have bought every upgrade and want to know if I should get this one. Of course I suppose it might be worth getting just for firmware upgrade but seems like with alot of units the firmware upgrades end up being downgrades.