Any info on WDWE update for Lion?

I just got a WD World Edition and I use OSX Lion. I hear that the two aren’t yet compatitable. Does anyone have know when they are going to release an update so I can actually use my new drive?

Hey there, I am also waiting for the update to be released, I was told there is not an ETA for this update but it will be posted here when it is released.


I cannot access any “accept as Solution” to this post. Maybe I just didn’t understand. I am wondering if I can still use TIME MACHINE with MY BOOK World Edition II and with the LION operating system. Does anyone have an Idea?

an update has just been released

Gilbert wrote:

an update has just been released

Which, unfortunately, does not appear to solve the login problem. 

After updating to:

Version 01.02.10 with MioNet
Last Upgrade Sat, 17 Sep 2011 11:41:33

An attempt to log in using a non-guest user name and password in the finder, you get an error “Connection Failed.”

The console log shows:

9/17/11 2:04:04.000 PM kernel: ASP_TCP CheckReqQueueSize: increasing req queue from 32 to 128 entries. so 0xffffff801629b7d8 
9/17/11 2:04:14.188 PM AppleFileServer: _Assert: /SourceCache/afpserver/afpserver-581.2/afpserver/AFPRequest.cpp, 1502 (-5000)
9/17/11 2:04:43.860 PM NetAuthSysAgent: AFP error -5014 mapped to EIO
9/17/11 2:04:43.861 PM Finder: SharePointBrowser::handleEnumerateCallBack returned 5

 Similarly, attempting to set up  Time Machine to back up to a registered user account results in the error “This operatin couldn’t be completed (OSStatus Error 2.)”.

I should als note that I have cold-started the MyBook WE after the update with no change in results.

So, it appears that the update resolved none of the reported issues for Lion.

It is VERY important to log-in with the username and password which has been set in the drive for access to Time Machine, so logging in with your standard name will give you the ‘oserror 2’. You have to log in with the username WD_Backup, as seen in advanced setup/mode under ‘users’, you can set your password there.