Any audio sync problems similar to WD TV HD?

hello iam thinking about buying WD TV Live but i stumbled upon a forum of WD TV HD 2nd gen owners who are basically throwing their units into bin by hundreds because the WD TV HD 2nd gen has an ongoing unresolved audio sync problem that WD seems to ignore for few months now… people are going pretty much apathic returning their units…

is this audio sync problem present on WD TV LIVE too !!!

here is the forum:

I can’t speak for the WD TV, but the Live plays all of my hundreds of MKV files just fine.  There was an issue with MP4 files (and an easy workaround using mkvmerge) but I have no idea if that’s still present (and, like I said, there’s an easy workaround).

You can always buy from an online or B/M store that has a decent return policy (as most do nowadays) and if it doesn’t work as you want you won’t be out any money (I return electronic things all the time from Amazon).