Anti-Virus Essentials

I have Mycloud PR4100 with OS5 5.15.106 and I have Anti-Virus Essentials version 1.35.
It is working fine. But I am not able to add multiple exclude folders. Only one is added the previous is deleted.
How do I add multiple folders to exclude?

Why would you want any file to be excluded from the anti-virus scans?

Well, one reason is this was the microsoft exe that was not used for very long time. The scan just started reporting the error.
Also, I wanted to see the functionality of the product, it looks many files/folders can be set to avoid.
Also, I would like to avoid scanning some folders for making the scan faster.

Windows Defender can scan your disks easily

Thanks for your suggestion. Sure Windows Defender can be used or other software… Are you suggesting that Anti-Virus Essentials will not work or the exclude option has a bug / limitation?

Microsoft has a good team managing the security of Windows and it can scan network volumes too