Another Thumbnail Question

I am certain that someone has answered this before but I can not locate the answer. I am digitizing movie files using the TS format. I want to add the movie cover thumbnail to the file folder to allow it to be seen in WD-TV. How do I do this. I am using a Mac Computer if that makes any difference.

Just create your thumbnail jpeg image with the same EXACT (case sensitive) name as the file and put it in the same folder.

Example: Folder is named Ghost Town. Open the folder and you have an Audio_TS folder and a Video_TS Folder. Would you put a jpeg named Ghost Town.jpeg in the first folder (Ghost Town)? Thanks for responding and for helping.

Um, sorry, I thought you mean you were ripping movies as .TS files.  You are really ripping them as VOBs.

I don’t know where the thumbnail art goes in that case – if I had to guess I’d say it would go at the folder level (which is to say, in neither the Audio nor Video folder, but wherever the two folders are stored as a master folder). I *think* in that case you simply name it folder.jpg.   But, as I said, I don’t do this so perhaps someone else here can help.

 Basically its up to you. You can delete the audio_ts folder if you want. So the best thing to do is try it in a folder and see if you like it. If you put it in the video_ts folder you should see if when you are on that folder. This is probably the best place to start as you can just press play on this folder and it will play the movie within it. You can of course put the same thumbnail in both the ghost town folder and the video_ts folder if you want.