Another Random Q WDMycloud


Under are questions, related to wd my cloud.  I would like them to be answered.

Will time machine back up over wifi when I don’t connect my imac to lan?

  1. When connected to lan, will imac back up time machine through lan, or both wifi and lan?

  2. Could I use Smartware software on a mac? Will it sync folders or should I use a third party software for that?

  3. Is Time Machine folder mountable at start up? How to do that?

5: I cannot shut down using WD quick view on the menu bar on a mac. I click shut down;it asks me my name and my password. I enter them and on the end of the box the message changes to “Shut Down…”. It never shuts down. I can only do that on the dashboard. How can I do that through quick view?

  1. What are the advantages of mounting a folder using wd quick view menu (open and selecting a folder) ? Why mounting a folder is useful?

  2. What are the Time Machine folder default options on Wdmycloud: -public access on or off ;
    -media server on or off and
    -full acess, read or read or write?

  3. If I do not want to use Time Machine, how do I delete the backup to use the whole wdmycloud disk for storage?

  4. Can I set the public folder to private (for one user only)?

Thank you,

Hello there, 

Time Machine will backup over WI FI when the unit is not connected to the LAN port, if in case you connect the mac to the LAN if it should switch to the LAN connection since it is better transfer wise.

Smartware is not a sync program and will only work on USB drives on a mac. In order to mount the time machine backup you can go to the share where the file is located and then double click on it this should mount the file on the computer.

So your other question can be answered accordingly i recommend contacting support: