Another propblems any suggestions

well I solved my choppy VOB files by adding a NAS the system works great now but I do still have an issue with thumbnail browsing through movies the WD locks up and I have to unplug it and reset it it does this probably once everytime I want to turn it on and browse. Any Suggestions


How many thumbnails are we talking about here?  I have folders with 70-80 with no issues, but I wouldn’t have, say, hundreds in any one folder to browse.

Also, how big are your thumbs?  (It’s best to keep them under 70K or so).

Well so far it is by the hard drive and I have around 175 on a 1TB hardrive They are all below the maximum size

Maybe I should be a bite more specific. I have 2 1TB hardrives attached to a NAS  via a USB cable. I have named each Hardrive. Inside each hardrive I have 1 folder to represent each movie inside that folder is my folder.jpg file for the thumbnail and the video_ts file. On the one hardrive which is almost full I have about 175 folders basically representing 175 movies. It locked up before when I had it attached through my computer as a network share Cannot remember if it has locked up when I have it directly to the live Via the USB. most JPG are running in the 6.75 kb

Hope this helps


Just to eliminate the number of JPGs being an issue, try a folder with 10 or 20 and see if you have the same issues (you can temporarily move that many using Explorer easily).  If it works, then you know it’s the amount (and that is a pretty high amount – not *excessive* but high).  It might also eliminate an issue if it turns out it’s one particular thumbnail file that’s an issue.

I will try that I have the other 1 TB hardrive with far less movies on it I will try and browse that one first and if it does not lock the unit up until I go to other harddrive then I will try foldering movies and hopefully I will find a bad file causing it