Another NEW WD2002FAEX 2TB showing nearly 50% Bad Sectors

My 2TB Caviar Black WD2002FAEX is doing the exact same thing as this user posted in April.  DLG Diag for Windows V1.24 extended test says it passed, but when I format a 1725 GB NTFS partition on Windows 2003 SP2 it reports almost 900 GB in bad sectors.  Was there a resolution to this problem?  Am I doing something wrong?  Thanks, Dan.,2923-3.html

If DLG detects the full capacity of the drive, then you may have a driver problem. Some NVIDIA nForce drivers, for example, had a 1 TiB limitation which was fixed by a driver update.

Otherwise, if DLG reports a capacity of 1TB, then see the following thread for an explanation and solution:

I’m currently compiling a HDD Capacity FAQ, so I would be very interested in your outcome.