Another network issue. Hub lose wireless network


I have issue with network since week and start to really makes me crazy.

I have confirgured the wireless just fine and it working. But for some reason, it lose conenction and no network is visible in the auto search, no mine or other from the neighbourhood. It does happen randomly but regulary. I have no method to fix it, but restart the hub many times until it come back.

THe wireless network is working just fine with my other devices.

I have also noticed during transfer through network from my laptop to the hub, my laptop lose connection to the hub and the transfer get interrupted, even if the hub is still connected.

I tis one of many issue I have, like the hub freezing for some reason… I start to wonder if problem come from network or from hardware issue.

I have the 3.01.19 firmware version because of issue with the last one. I did several factory reset, as well as libray reset, but it did not fix issues.

Check if there is an issue with the wireless adapter, by testing it attached to a computer.  If the issue only occurs in the Hub you can try a roll back.  If this does not fix it, and your unit is under warranty, you may request its replacement.

I did all this. I have restarted the hub yesterday by unpluging the power wire. After restart, network was fine. THen this morning, it was down again. Did nothing in between…