Another Invalid Promotional Code

So after siging up to the Newsletter I have received the 10% off on the next purchase promo code.
I wanted to give it a go but at the Cart I receive the message: Invalid promo code :disappointed_relieved:
Anyone with the same Problem/Workaround?

The newsletter Registration was made on the Europe Site so it should also work for Europe orders…

Havent really received feedback from the WD Support, so I would appreciete any help, or a new working code :slight_smile:

Hi Dejan, same problem. I’ve tried several times, I’m in Europe too! I’we also written at the Facebook page of Western digital Italy, but nobody replied! How can we solve? Why our code aren’t working?
I need a new working code too

in this thread same problem: Invalid Promotional Voucher Code on UK store

Finally the Wd Support solved this problem by giving me a new working code! Good customer care, just a little bit slow but effective! Thanks Western Digital!