Another 6TB RAID configuration on Network?

Thinking wild… I have a 6 TB mycloud. But since it has only one hard disk there are chances of failure and me losing data. So I was thinking whether it is worth getting another 6 TB and connect it on the same router and have some method to back up my first drive to the second automatically every night (scheduled)? It may not be a typical RAID but replicated over the network. Will I have to run a 3rd party program to do the replication because currently I am using “FolderSync” app to replicate mobile data on cloud drive and “Free File Sync” program on Windows 10 desktop to replicate computer data…
Thanks in advance

You wont have to, because there’s a built-in backup tool (read the user manual), but I’d suggest you use FFS, as it’s probably a lot more reliable for performing local network backups. Just map the shares on the MyClouds as network drives, and get FFS to backup from one to the other.

Or just buy an external USB hard drive, attach it to the My Cloud and use the My Cloud internal backup feature in the My Cloud Dashboard to backup to that USB hard drive. Much cheaper (probably) than buying a multi raid box. No muss, no fuss, no requirement for a third device to run backup or mirrioring software to that multi raid device. No need to create Rsync scripts to copy to that multi raid device.