Annoying samba issue

I have my external hard drive that holds all of my tv shows plugged into a networked PC with Ubuntu 10 installed on it. I have the drive shared out via samba on the network, I have the “Auto login to network share” feature turned on and everything works great most of the time. However, sometimes when I turn on the WDTV Live device to watch a show, I will select the network share and it will say, “There is no media in the current folder”. However, the second I re-add my username to the SMB users file via “/usr/bin/smbpasswd -a nik”, it connects immediately. Can anyone tell me why I have to keep re-adding my username to the SMB user file list all the time? Thanks in advance. Here is a link to my smb.conf file, the share info is at the bottom:

You’re going to have more luck asking this in the Ubuntu forums.  Might get lucky, but who knows… :slight_smile:

Thanks.  Do you mean any Ubuntu forum, or is there a specific Ubuntu forum for WDTV Live?