Android / WD My Cloud App does not upload mp4 videos on initial setup

Hi all:

I have installed WD My Cloud App yesterday, and seleced auto upload of pictures and videos.

The app uploaded possibly all pictures (a lot, but I have not confirmed that all of them) but it does not definitivelly uploaded videos.

Why is it so?

I see that mp4 is on the list of supported formats.

I have also not noticed having mp3 uploaded.

Note that I have music and videos stored on my SD card, and not on the device.

I have not found a place in the app settings where I could select the source of my files, so I assume, the app will scan all possible places.

I truly hope WD software department thought about it before, as the software is old enough to have these things included.

I hope this is user (eg me) error.



I saw your other post related to the Cellular data being used to upload the files. It might be avoiding to upload bigger files. 

Try to reinstall the app and make sure to check the settings. 

Dear ERmorel:

If it tries to avoid uploading bigger files then, as it is seen in the other post you are referring to, it fails to avoid big time, and yet, the video is still not there :slight_smile:

I can reinstall application however I do not see it a solution. I myself am a software engineer, and we never has customer to reinstall newly installed software, but rather we do investigate the issue.

(It is a different case when someone has this or that software installed for a long time and the configuration files could be corrupted…)

I will try this tonight.



Why not put your media-filled SD data card into a computer and transfer data that way?  This how I would solve this, and no slow wi-fi involved.

Dear mike27oct.

That would work one time only.

I want to have backups done as the WD My Cloud App advertises.

That is how I do backup to Flickr and OneDrive at the moment.

I like Flickr except that it puts strong limitation on video’s length.

Also Flickr does not allow good sharing I would like to have.

OneDrive is okay, but I want to have data available at home.