Android version to access MyCloud

Hi folks - Merry Christmas and all that!

I saw the answer to this a few months back but can’t locate now.

I am looking to get a new tablet so I can access my files, as my current tablet’s Android software is out of date and can’t be upgraded (it’s an old tablet!) - so the question is which version of Android software do I need to be able to install the Android app onto the tablet, or would it just be good to get a brand new tablet with latest software?

Many thanks for the help - cheers


Which version do you have now? I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. It came with nougat and about a week ago I was able to update it to Oreo. My My Clouds work with both of these on my tablet.

Per WD Support:

My Cloud for Android

Supported Operating Systems

  • Requires Android 4.0 and up
  • *New 1.04.xx firmware required for My Passport Wireless Pro

It should be noted that for local network access (using WiFi) one does not need to use the WD app for Android/Mac. Instead they can use any file manager app that supports accessing the local network. ES File Explorer File Manager is one such Android file manager app that can be used to access the My Cloud on the local network.

On a side note. Depending on your Android device one may be able to “hack” the device and install newer ROM’s. Did that with an old Nexus 7 tablet that was bogged down with later Android OS updates. Unlocked and rooted the tablet and installed a third party ROM that was based on a recent Andoid OS. Runs much better than even the stock Android 4.0 the tablet came with.

Many thanks both - decided to get a new tablet, and looking at Oreo (Android 8.0) which should more than cover what I am looking to do. Seen a couple of nice ones that fall into my price range as well so Brucie bonus all round!!