Android - update the My Cloud app to allow usage of SD Cards via Lollipop's new features

I recently purchased a new Android tablet running Android 5.0 (Lollipop). It only has 16GB of online storage so I bought a 64GB Micro SD card. Unfortunately, I can’t write to it. There’s a “save file to SD card” feature in the My Cloud app, but it doesn’t work.  Even if I move my My Cloud app to my SD card, it still writes my files to the internal memory.

Android 5.0 has opened up new APIs so that SD cards are usable. Please utilize these new APIs as soon as possible. I’ve been using a MyBook Live for years and I have a lot of files on there. I think the apps for iOS and Android have always been good - but this hurdle has to be overcome for me to continue using (and purchasing) WD’s storage options.

Ideally, it would be great to just tell the app “Sync everything to my SD card no matter where you’re installed”. It would be wonderful to sync directories from my MyBook Live right to my SD card.  Just restoring the fuctionality of the ‘Save file to SD card’ command would be a nice start.

Thanks for listening!

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