Android mobile app not playing music over cellular - only wifi

I’m just starting to use a my cloud ex2 device and this is my first post. I’ve searched this forum and googled this but can’t find an answer.

When using the android mobile app on my Galaxy S5 phone, I can access the my cloud device from work and see data files with either a wifi or cellular connection. But, music will only play if I have a wifi connection. When I have a cellular data connection, the mobile app music player looks like it’s about to start. But, the time slider at the bottom indicates no time (00:00 ----- 00:00) and the music file never plays. When I switch over to a wifi connection, the same music file plays fine.

Any ideas? It’s not a buffering problem. Is music not playing over a cellular connection a known limitation?


Normally I use iPhone and i was able t play music though my data plan a couple of times, i do not know if this has changed, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

Please note that this subforum is primarily for the single bay My Cloud devices. There is a dedicated My Cloud EX2 forum at the following link:

I have no problems playing MP3 files via the WD My Cloud App for Android on an Android smartphone from a single bay My Cloud device. It takes a few seconds for the music file to cue but it does play.

General things to check or look for:
Ensure the My Cloud firmware is up to date.
Ensure your Android device is updated to the latest Android OS the device supports.
Ensure you are using the latest WD My Cloud App.
Try uninstalling the app then reinstalling.
Ensure the My Cloud device (via the Dashboard) is setup properly for Remote Access including indicating it has an Internet Connection.
Ensure the User account you are using within the My Cloud app has been granted remote access via the Dashboard.
Ensure the router or gateway for the local network isn’t blocking remote access.
One can check remote access via the portal and see if the music file is accessible. The web browser may try to download the music file when accessed via the web portal.

Had a very similar problem in WD Iphone and Android app today. Could not play music or videos over cellular (oddly photos worked over cellular) playing music/videos over wifi at home worked, did not think to try external wifi. Was definitely working before. The solution was to power the WD device off/on and cellular access was working again.