Android Device - No Internet Connection

All, I have tracked down a problem with my wireless that is blocking my android devices from getting internet access. I have the WD My Net N900. The Android devices can connect to the router. When they connect, the WIFI icon will be grey indicating no internet connection. As I have a big house, there is a wireless repeater. When the same devices connect to the repeater, they get internet access. On the N900, if I set the DNS Proxy to on, then the devices will get internet access. If the DNS Proxy is off, they do not. Here is my problem. I want to keep the DNS Proxy off, so that OpenDNS works to provide content protection for my home internet. Can someone recommend a work around or fix to get the Android devices connecting again to the internet through the N900? Thanks in advance!

I think this was a mis-terminology in the older version of the firmware.  DNS Proxy = ON actually meant it was off.   What version of firmware on the router are you running?  1.02.02? 

I have two android devices connected fine. A tab2 10.1 and a note 2 cellphone. It is your dns settings. I have never had any issues with my setup. N900 is main router in my case with 2 ap hardwired in