Android application OS5, broken audio playback

All of my android devices (mainly Samsungs, more than 10 devices) have problems with audio playback in MyCloud OS5 app.
If the file (e.g. mp3) is a bit longer (e.g. 20 mins) playback starts, and after a couple of minutes (say 2 - 5 mins), the android application starts to play the file from the start. The second run is usually ok (it plays from the start to the end).
The web interface works usually ok, so I think the problem is in the app (maybe in app settings).
Could anybody help with this issue?
It is extremely annoying while playing e.g. audiobooks.

Just for complete description, my device is EX4100.

Thank you

You need to go back to the WD Community and look in the OS5 Forum for the sub-forum for your device and post your topic there. See example image below.

Since the web interface is working ok, and android apps are not, I believe it is not a device-related issue.
IMO that implies, it should belong to a more general discussion.

@DDSite Have you opened a support case and provided your system logs, sample files that “do not playback smoothly”? If not, please do so * Ask a Question

Sorry, I am a simple person, where do I get system logs?
I filled the form (no attachement field was there for a log).
FYI, issue number is #210719-003916.

OK, I own a 2nd generation WDMYCLOUD.

Below is an image of my Dashboard. I use the Twonky Server and have a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G that I often play my music on.

I don’t really know anything about your EX4100. That’s why I suggested you post in the sub-forum for your device where other owners who may have had the same problem can help you.

@cat0w got it, thank you.
I was originally not thinking about 3rd party app.
My approach was through the official wd app

My backup is to use the web interface via a browser on my phone, but I would be really glad if the android app worked correctly.

The general method for collecting system logs:

How to Collect My Cloud System Logs

@Bennor thank you for the hinting.
I have been already instructed by the technical support.

For the forum wanderers:
This issue is real.
It was reproduced by the technical support.
They say, that now it is reported to their engeneering team.

So far no solution or workaround…