Android app - WDTV MediaPlayers Remote | feature request

Hi, I’m writting to reply to “Android app - WDTV MediaPlayers Remote” topic (it’s read only)

I have a feature request for that android app.

I would like to be able to register some kind of QR-code shortcuts with this APP.

How would I use it?

  1. rip dvd’s to external hdd

  2. connect wd hd tv live mp to TV, and that hdd

  3. copy DVD covers to cardboard

  4. print custom QR-code on the back of dvd cover copy

  5. let kids choose desired DVD cover

  6. open Android APP and scan QR-code from behind of the cover, to trigger playing desired multimedia file

That sounds like an idea for the Idea Exchange here in the WD TV Live Hub community.