Android App update causing massive drains on battery

Since the most recent update of the Mycloud OS 5 Android App updated on February 24, 2023 the App is causing significant drain on my Samsung S10 phone battery. Prior to the update I would only need to charge my phone for 15 minutes every morning from about 80% - 85% to 100%. Since the update I am needing to charge it TWICE DAILY!

Additionally my phone is now heating significantly.

I am now forced to go into Settings and “FORCE STOP” the app to prevent any damage to my phone from battery drain and overheating.

Also like others reporting on Google Play Reviews my Samsung Tab A Tablet also continuously shows the notification icon in my Notification page and in the App displays “Preparing backup…”

Additionally I am forced to go into Settings and “FORCE STOP” the app to prevent any damage to my tablet from battery drain and overheating.

Clearly there is an issue which is causing problems. At this time I am forced to “FORCE STOP” the apps on both mobile devices though I do maintain connection to the Mycloud device through the 2 computers also connected which backup data to my MyCloud device as well…

I did reach out to Support and was told by them to set my Battery Optimization to UNRESTRICTED. As a reasonable person I am failing to see how setting the battery use to this level is going to reduce the high battery use and overheating!
App Ver. 4.21.0 (2034)
Device Firmware Ver. 5.26.119
S10 - Android 12
Tab A - Android 9

I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G phone and I haven’t had any problems. I have the same app and firmware as you.

You may want to move, or post, your complaint to the OS5 Product Ideas subforum:

Here it is 24 hours later and I have updated the MyCloud 0S 5app to the newest version from March 6, 2023. I cleared the Cache for the App and ON Instruction for WD Support from Shanker Singh I have changed the Battery Optimization for the App to UNRESTRICED! And I really question the absurdity that presents itself when in an attempt to reduce the massive drain on my phone battery I am told to set it to UNRESRTICTED???

Last evening I checked my Photo App and saw since the first and now second App update I taken a total of 12 PICTURES and 28 SCREENSHTS must related to this issue.
Ver: 4.22.0 (2040)
After I plugging it in to get a full charge early evening. it in to get a full charge I then left my phone for the night un touched. This morning despite the Battery Use on the App showing LESS THAN ONE MINUTE of “Active” use (oh and 2 Minutes in the last 7 days) my battery use my the MyCloud App is an astonishing 45.1% during the 16 hours and 20 minutes my phone as on in not-charging state.
This has all happened since the App update at the beginning of March and the one a week later.

Now the App is also Resyncing all 2450+ PICTURES on my phone EVERYTIME I plug it in!

I’m not sure about what to tell you other than check all your settings for the devices. Below is mine and all I did was take some video with my phone of the hail that we had last night. The video was only a minute and 59 seconds long. Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it. How old is your phone and the battery?

Hi Appreciate your response. My phone is 2 years old and as I stated at the top, for the last 2 years I need to charge my phone on average once a day for about 15 minutes when the charge remaining was at about 80-85%, Since they pushed out the last 2 updates over the last month my phone barely makes it through the day. The ONLY reason is the HIGH draw on the battery as outlined in the pic I attached above.

If you look at the pic it clearly shows ONE minute of use in the 16 hours and 20 minutes from the last charge.

And yet it also shows 45.1% battery use !! That is not normal, it has never done that on any device I have used the App and not since the upgraded the App to OS 5 - which I did immediately a long time ago. And during that 16 Hours and 20 min. I used my phone for Facebook, Instagram and Chrome a few times then went to bed. WHY is it still running when it is not being used?

What you need to remember is that Many people fail to distinguish YOUR data from THEIR data. YOUR time vs THEIR time.

You know who I am talking about: All those companies that do a “check for updates” on a 60 second cycle so that you stay current with their semi-annual software patches.

I think what is happening is that you are getting constant refreshes when you think the phone should be idle. Go to Settings: apps: mycloudOS5 app :modile data – → Bet you find that “Allow background data usage” is on. Try switching it off. See if that works.

(This is one of 8 reasons I disliked OS/5)

Well your suggestion certainly makes more sense than the Western Digital Support Technician!! Incidentally it is set for Optimized but I now keep it in “Force Stop” mode to save my battery.

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is Shanker Singh

After reviewing the logs, we request to refer to the Article below for troubleshooting the issue.

Resolve Android Battery Optimization for Autobackups using My Cloud OS 5, My Cloud Home and ibi Mobile App
Resolve Android Battery Optimization for Autobackups using My Cloud OS 5, My Cloud Home and ibi Mobile App

  1. The App Battery Usage setting must be set to Unrestricted for a seamless auto-backup experience on Android 12 and above by avoiding native OS restrictions around background operations for better optimization.

riiiight. “seamless autobackup experience”.

In otherwords; prioritize your APP experience rather than your PHONE experience.

I bet they reduced the app scan time for more frequent updates.