Android App Not Working with USB External Drive Uploads

I just bought the My Cloud Home today and so far it seems to be okay. I didn’t realize it was only for Wi-Fi which I’m not real pleased with because I don’t like having WD drives online all of the time. My computer has been compromised many times in the past and I am extremely cautious despite having protection.

I connected a WD external drive (My Passport) directly to the My Cloud Home device. I thought I could access it from my computer then tried the Android app. All was fine except when I selected different folders to in the app that I want to copy. I don’t select all because many of the folders I already uploaded are also on this external drive.

After selecting folders and sending it on its way (I forget what the button says since I’m not currently connected) this results in an endless loop where I have to go through the process of selecting those folders again. It will not complete the process.

I don’t like using a phone app when using a PC would be much easier and better. I’m not a fan of cell phones as it is and if I had known this device was predominantly for using with a cell phone I never would have purchased it. I also thought there was an option for direct USB connect to a computer with the option of Wi-Fi. If I could return it I probably would.

If you didn’t receive the USB backup complete notification in your mobile phone, the process is still running and has not completed yet.

I reset the drive and am now doing a full transfer instead of the selected folders with the USB drive directly connected to the My Cloud Home instead of Wi-Fi. It’s doing it in the background. Can this be done offline instead of being connected to Wi-Fi since this is a direct connect? I know I won’t be able to monitor it without Wi-Fi.

If I had known the My Cloud Home was so limited I wouldn’t have bought it. The box should have explained what we can’t do with it on the cover instead of filling up the product description with foreign languages when that space could have given more detail. The card with the quick setup was useless. I had to go online to get the full instructions.

I was hoping I could partition this drive, but this version doesn’t allow it. I may return this. I would have been better off with offline-only devices that aren’t so complicated and limiting.

There should be the option to connect directly to a computer which is faster than Wi-Fi. I thought Wi-Fi would be an option not the only way of transferring. WD should explain this better on the packaging. They can pay the restocking charge if I have to return this for a bad product description and not disclosing its limitations.