Android App: non-public Photos backup folder

I recently switched from ios to Android. On my iPhone I was able to set my photos backup folder to something outside of the public folder, but the Android app doesn’t appear to allow me to do this. Is there a workaround? Am I missing something?

What android phone do you have?

Sony Xperia x compact

no but i also want to know
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Samsung galaxy note 8

Is there a solution?

I also had this problem and have found a solution. The only way you can select a non-public folder backup location is to use the autobackup assistant that pops up when you add a new My Cloud device. The assistant allows you to select a location from all My Cloud shares (that you have user access to). You will have to disable autobackup and remove your My Cloud Device before adding it again to make the autobackup assistant pop up.

A response to an old thread but I hope this helps others who search for this issue in the future.