Android app login faiure

I have recently bought a My cloud Mirror and connected it to my network as advised in the installtion guide.I downloaded the ap on my samsung GalaxyS5  but despite entering the password for login it is not accepting the pw as correct one despite trying many times.I have used the same pw for my iOS device and I was able to log in . Don’t know what to do?

Welcome to the Community drdeepak27. If you used the code to activate the iPhone app you need to create another one to use it on the Galaxy S5. Check the link below to review the steps. 

How to access files on a WD My Cloud, Mirror, EX2, or EX4 Personal Cloud drive using WD My Cloud Mobile App

Hi Jubie04,

Just to clarify while installing the my coud mirror, I kept myself (GalaxyS5) as admin and my wife (iphone 6) as the second user. So she was able to easily login on her iphone but I am unable to login on my S5…