An observation: switch vs router connection for MBL

I’ve had connection problems since day 1 in my needing to either rebooting/disconnect the MBL so my AVR is recognized.

The AVR was connected to a Netgear router wndr3700 (1st version) via a switch as the AVR was in another room; the MBL was connected directly to the router; problems with the AVR being seen by the MBL.  Switched the MBL to another switch that is connected to the router; still AVR connectivity problem.

Read either Myron or WDTony (don’t remember) connected all his devices using a switch.

Reconnected the switch with the AVR the “local”/same switch along with the MBL before dinner last night.

Problem of connectivity SOLVED!  At least for today, I didn’t have to disconnect/reconnect the MBL to have my AVR use the audio files on the MBL!!!   Believe I can now just turn on the AVR to listen to my CDs on the MBL.

Quite strange as I think the router has a version of a 5-port switch!?  Or the router just have to do some messing around 1st with ipaddr instead of using the MAC?  I’ve read that the switch (unmanaged) just use the MAC & send whatever it gets to the receiving MAC without checking any ipaddr.

I dunno; think will go to Fry’s for an 8-port switch & connect all devices to the switch except for the switch to router connection & the modem…Another networking mystery to remember…getting too old for this stuff…

Nice, thanks for sharing.

Forgot to add that I never had connectivity problems with my blu-ray players.  But have read that the dvd/blu-ray players are considered as Digital Media Receivers whereas things like my AVR could be considered as Digital Music Players; had thought that was my problem, but it wasn’t the case or perhaps the MBL “listened” differently to DMP & DMR so the different responses?

Anyway off to Fry’s.