An error was encountered loading the page


I’m not having any issues with Firefox or IE11. I’m using Windows 7. However, I will have our programmers look at this.

One other thing, can you clear your browser cache and see if you still have this issue?


Cleared cache in Firefox, restarted browser, logged in. Same error. Since this happens on multiple systems and multiple browsers I would suspect that my WD account is corrupted in some way.


Hi @OleJack,

I haven’t forgotten about you. Our programmers are still looking into this.


The programmers think they fixed your login. Can you check it?


Yes, that seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks!


Excellent. Glad to hear it.


so this error happens every time some one updates their phone number?

I did that this weekend and now I am getting same message for days now.

OP reported this in Aug 2015 …we are in 2017

can someone help please?


Hey I’m having a issue with my address not working with the create RMA on the website also my HDD seems too have a really poor performance !!!

You can email me using this address

[removed for privacy]

I also did some digging around and discovered I can’t message you on WD because of the Trust Level



I will need more details, so I’ll private message you. That way you should be able to respond.



I’ve just experienced exactly the same issue as the previous posters. I tried to change my contact number in Account Information and now I’m getting the following error when trying to access the Account Information page:

An error was encountered displaying the most recent activities.

Is there still some fundamentally wrong going on here?

Hope you can help. Many thanks


Hi Bill

Same issue here… I just updated my phone number and now I’m getting the error:
“An error was encountered displaying the most recent activities”

Could you get back to me through PM if possible?
My WD e-mail address is different from the forum one.



I have an exactly same problem trying to access the Account Information page after changing my phone number (it wasn’t set at all somehow).

Please, help!