An error was encountered loading the page


I logged in WD support portal at,
and all I got were errors:

An error was encountered loading the page.
An error was encountered displaying registered products.
An error was encountered displaying the country region.

Any solution? Thank you.

P.S. I’ve tried different browsers: IE 10, Firefox 40.0.2.


Where are you getting to that link from?  Can you post a screen capture of the link you’re clicking on?

This is the link you should be using:


From my favorites, it redirects to finally.

I also visited:
→WD Support Portal
Sorry, the same problems.


Are you still getting an error with those pages and, if so, what version of browser are you using.


I tried both IE10.0 and Firefox 41.0.
I also called for General Support (Taiwan, 0800-225 593, +886-2-8723 1298), and a month passed, no reply.


You’ve been escalated.  So, let’s see what support can do to help you.


I check progress every month, WD SUPPORT always replies “we will contact you IMMEDIATELY.”
However, it has been three months, still no solution.


I’m looking into this right now. We’ve already pushed this to your regional support team and will continue to follow up until they have talked to you.


I see that they resolved your issue. I’m glad everything is okay.


Thank you for your attention.
They suggested that I create an new account, and re-register all my in-warranty products.
Now the old account is dormant and the new one is normal.


i also get same problem, the problem came after i insert phone number on ACCOUNT! PLEASE HELP TO FIX THIS


On Oct 29 I did the same thing as mazvi. I entered a phone number in the Support Portal Account area. That’s the only information that was added. I clicked the Submit button and it threw me into a window that showed “An error was encountered loading the page.”. “An error was encountered displaying the most recent activities.”. I tried a refresh, deleting all the cookies, and even tried to view my account by logging in through another PC I have. Same error message. It Looks like someone at WD needs to look into this problem.



Sorry, I just saw this. Are you still encountering errors loading the page?


Yes, I just tried it again. Same error message.


Can you give me the exact full link you’re using? Just copy and paste the url here.


I Started with this URL:

I Clicked on “Account Information” and it sent me to this URL:

with error message “An error was encountered loading the page. An error was encountered displaying the most recent activities.”


Where did you get the first URL from? Because the link below is the new URL for the customer support portal.


I first went to the main WD page “

I then clicked on the “Support” link on the upper right.

This took me to “

On this page there is a “My Support” drop down menu. I selected “My Support Portal” This link takes you to “” when you are logged in.

From this page I clicked the “Account Information” link. The first time I did this it showed fields containing my profile information. All I did at that time wasto add a current phone number. When I pressed the “Submit” button it threw me into the containing the error message. It has been that way every time I attempted this since.


Huh, I did everything you did in the exact order you did it, and all that I got was the phone number saved to my account profile.

Can you post a screen capture of the process that includes the entire browser you are using? Also, what browser and OS are you using? I’ll look into this more tomorrow.


The problem happens with Windows 7, Windows 10, and Ubuntu Linux 12.04. Browsers are: Firefox 49.0.02 and Windows Internet Explorer 11.