An area to vent about how WD handles product replacement

Hello everyone,
I’m fed up with this company and their inability to correct there ■■■■ hardware. I ordered new off Amazon the 2TB model. Worked fine for about 3 weeks. Then my PS4 and computer were unable to recolonize the hardware. I tried to reformat and just sacrifice my data, but when I went to initialize on my PC, I received a fatal error message. I contacted Amazon who eventually got me in touched with their outsourced customer support. He had me verify just about everything besides my birth certificate, Serial numbers, asked insulting questions like “is it plugged in” after 15 minutes of verification and lengthy explanation, He finally said that it could be replaced under warranty. Then asked how I wanted to complete my request (to me its simple, get me a new one as fast as possible ) Instead I was then given a link to the website and had to refill in all the information I was just asked about. SUPER ANNOYING on top of everything I read in the fine print that the product I would be receiving wouldn’t even be a new one. I would be receiving a recycled piece of ■■■■. Its been over 3 weeks since I’ve started this process and still don’t have my new/used hard-drive. When I emailed asking whats taking so long, they told me to check with the mail service and again asked me to prove my original request with a snap shot. Worst customer service resolution I’ve ever had. I’ve read countless issues from comments on you tube while trying to fix this issue myself. . If you’re in the forums trying to fix a problem. Do yourself a favor and just go buy from a different company. These people have no idea how to conduct business. If you want to outsource your customer service I expect to be able to communicate with them! I’m not some racist redneck either. I want basic communication function. Stop being so cheap with your products and your customer service REPs! Earned yourself a fat 1 star on Amazon… and better believe I will never touch your product again. I will warn everyone I know about WD elements!