Amazon says WD has proprietary rights, so no Prime or VOD for WD media players

This is an email I rec'd from Amazon today.


What exactly does that mean. I’m sure that Sony have rights over what plays on their playstaions but that has not stopped them adding amazon. I assume that WD and Amazon could get together if they wanted to.


At this time, WD TV Live HUB is not a supported device

You have read too much into the reply. It does say ‘At this time’, twice!

I don’t think I’m reading anything into the message.  I and many others have requested, for more than a year,  that WDC and Amazon provide VOD and Prime.  WDC certainly hasn’t responded to anyone’s satisfaction.  I am happy with all of my WDC products, which are numerous, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be critical whenever it’s called for.

But thank you for your input.  You’re certainly entitled to your point of view.

There is nothing wrong with being critical but your heading implies that these services will not come to the WD players. I am simply saying that it wrong to base that on the reply you received from Amazon. It does say twice at the beginning and the end, the words ‘At this time’. If Amazon and WD were talking about this I am sure that they would not release that info to the public until they were ready.

For proprietary reasons, I did not include the entire message.  I wouldn’t do that without Amazon’s permission.  But there is more to be known.  I know this leaves you and others to presume certain details, so I shall say no more on the subject.

Thank you.

Then why bring it up at all? You are painting a deceptive picture and withholding info, so what was your purpose?

Is that you Sheldon ?

palavering wrote:

I think you ought to watch what you say and stick your pejorative remarks where the sun doesn’t shine.  I’ll not be your whipping boy, nor shall I tolerate your assinine remarks.  I can state what I like, within the bounds of this forum.  So, the last word from me to you is: mind your manners.  I don’t believe that WDC has annointed you its protector or guardian.  I shall not respond to any future posts from you.

Wow. You have some issues, dude.

Sorry, guys, I’m shutting this thread down before it blows up any further. 

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