Amazon Prime on WD TV Live

Hi. Is there any way I can add an app for Amazon Prime videos on WDTV Live Streaming Player?
(a) WD could provide an update for the firmware including Amazon Prime.
(b) I could download an app on USB and use it on WD the ‘Apps on USB’ app.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

No way, Jose! WDTV is a discontinued device. Spend $40 and get an Amazon Fire TV stick.

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Yeah, streaming sticks do a lot with a little. You can also use a gaming console if you have one (I use my XBOX 360 for Amazon, YouTube and Netflix).

I’ve pretty much stopped using the WDTV for anything but playing my local media (which I still love and use daily.) The only times my WDTV calls outside my house is the occasional Pandora or AccuWeather check.

By the way, has anybody ever noticed in the Weather app’s “lifestyle” tab that the “dog walking forecast” is always POOR? I crack up every time I see that.

My WDTV is still my first choice device for viewing my movie coiiection as well.

I have the firestick and i works fine. Had to tape a wii exender to the firestick to stream properly.