Amazon AWS S3 App region problem

After beating my head against the problem of trying to get S3 backups working on my new PR2100 I found the problem:

New S3 buckets don’t get a “United States” region option. The regions are

us-east-1 (Virginia)
us-east-2 (Ohio)
us-west-1 (Northern California)
us-west-2 (Oregon)

I’m in Kentucky, so the Ohio one would be great, but after a lot of experimentation I had to create my bucket in Northern California to get the backup to work.

Does the new version 5 come with a new S3 app? Is there a way to edit the regions in a config file somewhere for the S3 app? I looked in /etc/s3.conf and didn’t see it. Maybe it’s hashed within one of the keys.

Can this be changed?

I’ve made an installer for Rclone (OS5 only) that may help you get around this.

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Thanks. I haven’t upgraded to OS5 yet, but I’ll start reading about Rclone.

If you know how to SSH, you can easily install it and sync manually for now.