Am I being blonde? Ethernet (from NAS) to USB (on WD TV HD) possible?

Hey All,

I thought I was becoming pretty tech smart (whatever that may be) what with my recent purchase of a NAS and, soon to arrive WD TV HD Media Player. However, I’ve been reading stuff posted by you guys and, I’ve just realised, I might not be able to access content from my NAS.

I decided not to purchase the Live (networked) version due to Amazon reviewing its listing of the product (in the UK anyway), and the number of negative reviews regarding issues. So, I thought I’d simply be able to connect my NAS via USB to the WD media player but…my NAS USB only allows devices to connect to it, rather than the other way round (duh, am I being blonde again?). The NAS does however have an ethernet connection, so I was thinking that I could possibly connect to the media player via an ethernet-USB adaptor. Does any firmware support this or do I have to leave all my (don’t laugh!) Sex and the City stuff on my NAS for now, never to enjopy HD splendor (unless I return it and, reluctantly, buy the Live version?).

So, can I do that somehow? NAS ethernet > Ethernet-USB converter > WD Magic box?

Any takers?

Thanks in advance for putting up with a potentially dumb question!


Go to either (and either the WDTV v1 or WDTV v2 group depending on your model) and the homebrew section.  You’ll need to do a lot of searching & reading as there aren’t really any proper how-tos.  Also: and

NAS ethernet > Ethernet-USB converter > WD Magic box?

Should be:

NAS ethernet > router or switch > Ethernet-USB converter > WD Magic box  (remember that the whole idea of having a network is that devices don’t have to be directly connected).

OK, First off, a NAS isa Network Attached Storage device, hence is goes on your local network that at least from a network perspective is all governed by your router, it hands out the local IP addresses to each device automagically.

I’m guessing but I think you might be using your NAS box as a USB Device, where you really want to have it hanging out there on the network where all the computers and media players in the house can play the music, video or picture off the device…

You will take a speed hit depending on the speed of your network compared to usb 2.0

Are you using wired or wireless on your  WDLIVE?  

Does this help?

The first simple solution would be to take back your WD TV and get a Live instead. While you may have read a bunch of negative reviews about the Live, you’ll also find a ton of negative reviews for the WD TV as well. I could rattle off a whole list or bugs (which I’ve done on other threads). You won’t be able to get your NAS to work with the WD TV. There are adapters that let you plug devices (such as computers) into a network using USB but they aren’t supported on the WD TV (which makes me wonder why WD went through all the trouble of designing the Live if they could have just done this…all the bits are there, they’d just have to put it together…Bill said they had no plans of doing this). So unless WD comes up with some amazing firmware in the next release, it’s not going to work.

If you get a Live, you do need a network though, and chances are, you won’t be able to just plug the NAS into the Live with one cable. You’ll also need a switch (or router, or hub). If you’re more specific, I’m sure people can help you but you may want to go to the Live forum instead.

The second simple solution would be to take your NAS back and get a USB storage device instead.

Wow guys (non gender-specific!), I can’t believe a few people have replied already! Really, thanks a lot for taking the time to offer your knowledge! Gotta love the altruism!


Yeah, forgot to say that I connect the NAS to a Netgear wireless router. Thanks for the info on the forum.


Yes, with the WD (it’s not the Live version), I’d be using my NAS as a USB HD, simply because I didn’t want to buy the Live version (due to the volume of bad reviews to be found). I already have my NAS supplying content to devices in the house but, after purchasing / reading around, I realised that my NAS didn’t have a USB-out (if you will) – hence the need to explore a Ethernet>USB connection. And yes, you did help. :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m thinking that I’ll send the WD TV back and purchase the Live. I agree in regards to your assessment of reviews – I think I made a bad decision by not anticipating the connection problems (born of the NAS I have) and was trying to make best of a bad situation.

I feel slightly stupid, but your responses have helped convince me that I basically didn’t assess what I had and that the workarounds would be potentially problematic/ time-intensive…so I’m returning the WD TV and buying the Live instead.

Really, thanks a bunch for helping me reach that decision. Have a good day all! x