Always On Optical out + TOSLINK Splitter

I have only bought my WDTV recently, and am absolutely delighted with it. 

However I just worked out why I wasnt getting any sound from my PS3 to my AV reciever - the WDTV devlice is sending out an optical signal even when powered off. As I run both devices through a simple optical splitter the means that the digial audio from the PS3 is being obliterated. 

Previouosly I ran the SKYHD box and PS3 into my recieved (which has a single optical in), and I always knew that whichever device I was not using had to be in “standby” when using the other devide - not an issue for me. 

But now I am having to unplug the optical cable from the WDTV to alloe the PS3 to reach the reciever. 

Is there a way to modify this behaviour ?  Or a way to fully shutdown the WDTV (as i think it just goes into a standby mode when switched off)

You are correct that the SMP goes into “standby” when you briefly press the power button.  The optical out, for some reason, stays active.

If you press and hold the power button for five seconds, the SMP goes into a much deeper sleep, disabling the optical out.

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