Alternatives to WD Anywhere Backup?

I bought my MyBook World specifically to back up files on my family’s PCs, having lost a lot of data to a hard drive failure on one of the computers a year ago.  I installed WD Anywhere Backup to keep the files on the PCs sync’d, so there’s always a copy on the MBW.

Last weekend, we had another hard drive fail, this time on my wife’s notebook.  I thought, “No big deal, the files are on the MBW.”  WRONG!   At some point, WD Anywhere Backup had stopped syncing her files.  So, once again, we’ve lost irreplaceable files.

What other programs exist to automatically keep PC files sync’d on the MyBook World?

Have you tryed looking into the new MY BOOK LIVE it comes with WD smartware a continous back up software.

Take a look at this link for more info

So the solution to getting the software to work is to buy a new drive?  You’ve got to be kidding me.  That’s like saying you should buy a new car when the old one runs out of gas.