Alternative Power Supply for WD500E035

WD seems not to provide any replacement power supplie for the WD500E035 anymore.

With a bit of handicraft work I’ve found an alternative way to get rid of this.

I bought a JHS-E02AB02-W08A from Pollin, cut the cable in the middle, interchanged the yellow (12V) and the black (GND) cables but left the red (5V) connected. Then I removed carefully the sixt pin of the DIN connector which isn’t used for the harddrive.

That’s it - the drive is running again.

An even cheaper approach would be the “Navilock extern 240 V > 4 Pin Molex 12 V / 2 A” for about 10 Euros - Google will help you to find it. Then simply reuse the connector of your old broken Power supply.


Thanks for sharing this information. Hope it helps other users. However, I always recommend contacting technical support directly when ever you need a replacement power adapter.