Almost ready to give up (Please help)

I love the idea of this product, and I’m sure I would love it even more if I could get it working.

Where to start?

I suppose first of all, I’ll let you know that I have a Netgear “N” Wireless Router, that is connected to my WDTV Live Plus by way of an ethernet cable.

The first problem I am running into would be the issue of the WDTV telling me of an “invalid username/password” - I can’t even fathom what username/password it’s looking for, but I don’t have it.  I read a topic earlier about how Windows Live programs are at fault. Well, I’ve uninstalled EVERYTHING with a Windows Live association, and it’s still telling me I have the wrong password and username.

My second issue would be, that seemingly when I thought I had the first problem fixed, it began to tell me that it could not connect to the network.  I don’t know why, or how it can’t do this, as I have a completely open and public network for it to connect to. Maybe it’s just my lack of knowledge, but shouldn’t it be pretty close to impossible for something to not be able to connect to something that it’s hard-wired to?

I want to get this device working so badly.  If anyone has Anything they can offer in terms of help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I solved the login problem by uninstalling Windows Live sign in assistant.  Something in the automatic windows June 22 update (on my machine) disabled login.  Uninstalled and everything was great.

Windows 7 64 bit.

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As the other poster said, Windows Live Assistant can be the main culprit here – the bad news is that uninstalling MAY not solve your problems.  In that case the only things you can do is either roll back your machine to before ANY of the stuff was installed (difficult unless you can pinpoint exactly when it happened) or reformat the hard drive and start again.

The problem is that MS hides a lot of this stuff in places you can’t get to anymore.  Hopefully you can find a restore point early enough to do this (I’d suggest trying at least three months ago, since that’s the first occurances of this issue, but you may have to go back further.  Remember that you won’t lose data, only installed programs).

And that could be the whole problem there (it can indeed cause both issues you are talking about).  But for the second one (assuming you can get rid of all the Windows Live stuff) a reset of the WD Live unit may help.

Have you read up on FAQ Section 2?

Great FAQ, Tony.  I wanted to comment on the original thread, but it’s locked.  Anyway, you now know!

You should be able to kudo it.

Kudoed!  Thanks, Bill.