All user folders have turned into 0 KB Files

I have been using My Passport 2 TB portable (NTFS) for about 3 years now and have connected to a variety of sources (TV, multiple Windows laptops Win7/8/8.1/10) without any trouble.

Problem Statement
Yesterday, I was copying a movie folder to the drive, when the laptop lost power and turned off. From what I remember, the file copy was complete. I plugged in the drive to my TV (LG 55LB5900) and got an error saying - “No Storage Units found”. I plugged in the drive to Windows (10) performed a quick disk repair. Went back and forth multiple times between the TV and laptop, until all of my folders (movies, photos, music etc.) turned to 0 KB Files. The Windows Devices and Drives view shows that the drive is about 1 TB full, however the drive folders (now files) are all 0 KB.

What I have done so far

  • I have performed a chkdsk (/f /r /x) and no errors or bad sectors were found (ran for about 14 hours)
  • Am getting the same results with multiple laptops (Win 7, 10 and Chromebook)
  • Am able to create new folders and files and read them back
  • Will perform a virus scan tonight, but doubt it will do any good, since the laptops and the movie I was copying was secure.

I am out of ideas and am now looking for help. I have a lot of precious memories stored on the drive and need the community’s help. Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately, it seems to be a case of partial data corruption. The hard drive itself is still operational, so it may be possible to repair your files using a dedicated application.

Did you try browsing online for a data repair software? If not, a certified data recovery service company may be able to provide recommendations.