All of streaming ( music, movie .. ) is not working


I really love to use mycloud.

before explain my problem, please understand that I’m not a native speaker in English.

I use macbook pro retina and I sometimes watch movie and drama by using mycloud.

but yesterday I noticed that streaming is not working in WD My Cloud app in mac.

To check the state, I also try to listen to music with streaming but it is also not working.

my ‘my cloud’ product is located in my hometown. It means I use it remotely.

How can I solve this problem? I already google it to handle problem, I can’t find solution.

Thank you

-Junghoon Kim-

It sounds like you have been doing this fine before any problem. Perhaps the router in your “hometown” needs to be restarted, or possibly the My Cloud does. It does appear problem may be on the sending end of things.

I’m currently getting ‘Error 905’ when trying to connect remotely to my MyCloud using the WD Mobile app for Android. Which has been working for weeks.

I’ll check when I get home to see if my router has rebooted, or if there’s something else odd going on with my network.

Right; my router had rebooted, so got a new global IP address.

And, in port forwarding mode, it doesn’t recover. It needs either a toggle of the remote access, or maybe just accessing locally with the app; I’ll try this first to experiment…

Simply accessing locally didn’t reinstate remote connection, so I’ll try toggling cloud access tonight. That usually fixes the problem.