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Hi there,

Are you looking for a specific Application in particular?

The DL series also only show app list on boot up of NAS. So, seems to be a common problem shared by current models. WD needs to fix this and other issues you mention, and if you want to know details about any app, one really ought to go directly to apps website.

I was referring to google for the app website; I know WD gives no info.

As for app overview, refer to this page:

For the lack in apps department, we found a workaround in form of a docker. I am quite sure there is a docker container with crashplan, that would be answer for backup.

I use sftp client as file manager.

For the third one, I think you will have to create something on your own.

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Well, that would not surprise me. I am just used to Google “WD apps matrix” , faster than plow through WD website :wink:

Yeah… its the end of 2020 and I was just google searching regarding this very topic. I know its gravedigging to jump in on this post 3 years later but, seems like its still relevant. Why are there so few apps? I find it hard to believe There’s not at least 4-5 different virus apps alone let alone other drive maintenance or filesharing to mobile or TV apps. I’m a Plex user and even as big a deal as that is for me, I had to go get it from 3rd party download. How come WD isn’t sourcing and setting these things up?